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Manny Kivowitz is an award winning video and commercial Director / DP who early in his career developed his love of cooking while working with Peter in more studios than we care to count.

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Drunken Bananas

The recipe for this decadent treat comes to us from Peter’s mother. Growing up there were always two important ingredients in the house: bananas and vanilla ice cream. We hope that this Pioppo family favorite recipe will become one of yours, give it a try next time someone asks, “What’s for dessert?” A note for parents or those who wish to avoid alcohol: While most of the alcohol should burn off, there will be a bit left in the final product. It’s not much, but if ...

Chef Jesse Gunn

Jesse Gunn is a NYC based chef who still lives with his parents. And while he doesn’t yet have his own restaurant, this 12-year-old, 7th-grade chef has incredible skills and a passion for cooking that definitely merits him the honorarium of joining the group of “Chefs we Love”.   Jesse has been a featured competitor on Fox’s Master Chef Jr. and recently won the Uncle Ben’s Rice “Ben’s Beginners" contest, netting $30k for an upgrade for his school cafeteria.  He’s also been ...

Jesse Gunn’s Vanilla Soufflé

Jesse Gunn was in the studio and totally blew us away with his fantastic vanilla Soufflé!! This 12 year old chef has mad mad skillz and was just a pleasure to hang with :-) If he looks familiar, you might just have seen him on Master Chef Jr :-).   There's quite a few steps in this recipe but don't be intimidated, Jesse assure's us that all of us can whip these up just as nicely (and deliciously) as he did! Just follow the instructions below and be ready to blow your family and friends ...

Butternut Squash Tart

  This Butternut Squash Tart is great when you’re cooking for a crowd (or if you love leftovers). Count on it to consistently knock peoples socks off. In fact, your guests probably won’t believe you made it, but you did! It takes a little preparation but the only slightly challenging part is rolling out the dough if you’ve not done it before,  All in all, its a relatively easy recipe to make and its a particularly great dish for dinner parties or to bring to a pot luck. The ...

Unboxing Fun!

We had a box, some Ben & Jerry's and thought we'd have some fun! Just in time for the Holidays! This is the :10 second version, there's a :30 second version too :-) Enjoy and Happy Holidays from everyone at the Studio!!

The Finch & Chef Gabe McMackin

We first discovered The Finch in the spring of 2015 when Manny and his wife Emily were looking for a new place to try for her birthday. What a find! Its hard to say enough good things about the food being served up by Gabe McMackin and his team.  Gabe is the Finch’s hyper talented, passionate and incredibly friendly chef / owner.  He's got some impressive street cred too, having cooked at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Gramercy Tavern and the Brooklynite favorite, Roberta’s. His range ...

Emily’s Flourless Chocolate Cake

Emily has been making this cake for years and it’s a winner every time. Aside from being flat out heavenly, it's the cakeiest flourless cake ever and can be served over several days if you have left overs. We’re pretty sure you won’t though! This is a particularly great dessert recipe if you or your guests have a gluten sensitivity or for those readers looking for a heavenly dessert to serve on Passover.  If you like what you see or have any questions, give us a shout at chefs@reci...

Manny’s Margarita

Who loves a fresh Margarita? Everyone at the Studio! This is our go to recipe cocktail after a long hot day on the set. He learned a variant of this recipe from his good friend Mr. Springman. The key to this recipe is using silver (clear) tequila, your favorite high end orange liqueur and freshly squeezed limes and oranges, which both brightens and naturally sweetens the cocktail. Blood oranges are a great choice if they’re in season as they tend to have a nice tartness and add a ...

Easy Garlic Prep

Garlic can be time consuming to prep, here’s a simple method that will have you cooking in no time! 1. Break away garlic clove(s) from head of garlic 2. Slice hard stem off of clove 3. Place clove on flat surface 4. Place flat of your chef’s knife on top of clove 5. Whack the knife with closed fist 6. Easily peel away garlic skin 7. Slice clove (keep your fingertips away from knife!) 8. Get cooking!

Manny’s Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes

Over the years, Manny has consistently won our studio pancake breakfast challenge. Here’s one of the recipes that has won our hearts and bellies.  Its wholesome, features whole grains and fresh fruit and even yogurt! We guarantee you won't be disappointed. Bonus: if you have kids – these pancakes reheat beautifully from frozen with the use of a toaster, making them easy to serve any day of the week, especially if you have kids.
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