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Curry Shrimp Risotto

Almost anything can be made into a Risotto…. This one features delicious curried shrimp. Risotto is a classic dish that many people seem to avoid tackling because they think it's too difficult to cook, but it's really easy if you follow a few basic principles. Added bonus... this dish is gluten free. OUR RISOTTO RULES! The Pot....should have a heavy bottom, wider than tall. The Rice…choose the best quality Arborio rice you can find The Stock... Use the richest most ...

Lemon Rice

Who doesn't love rice? Pete's grandfather ( Peter as well but we called him Nono) made this simple rice dish all the time. Rice alone is always a great side dish, its easily prepared but we find its often nice to add a little extra flavor. Here is one or our simple tips for making rice a little more “special”
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