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Killer Roast Chicken

The ultimate test of a good cook! We pay great homage to the foods we eat by carefully preparing and sharing them with the people we love. To the cooks who prepare them, we are always grateful. The one meal we consider the mark of a great cook, is a perfect Roast Chicken.  Nail that, and you'll have our hearts (and just about everyone else's too). Below is the simplest way we've found to turn what could be an average meal into a night in Provence. The key is to start with a ...

Chicken Loves Cabbage & Sweet Onions

Here is a healthy, and tasty meal made from Chicken,Cabbage and Sweet Onions that is sure to surprise guests with the simplicity of ingredients and the complexity of flavors. Best if done on a grill but works beautifully on the stove top.

Mireille’s Lemon Chicken

We love this dish because it so easy to prepare and packs big flavor.  We were recently doing a shoot and had a lot of leftover chicken cutlets, the day ran late so Pete whipped up this up for the crew. It was our first introduction to his mom's classic dish. We made lemon rice as a side which complimented the dish perfectly… Manny made a big salad, a perfect quick, easy and delicious meal. This is a real easy one... you can make it with whole chicken breasts (bone in) or cutlets, it's ...
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