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Peter is an award winning food photographer who’s work can be seen everywhere from magazines, billboards, tv commercials and in virtually every supermarket aisle.

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Killer Roast Chicken

The ultimate test of a good cook! We pay great homage to the foods we eat by carefully preparing and sharing them with the people we love. To the cooks who prepare them, we are always grateful. The one meal we consider the mark of a great cook, is a perfect Roast Chicken.  Nail that, and you'll have our hearts (and just about everyone else's too). Below is the simplest way we've found to turn what could be an average meal into a night in Provence. The key is to start with a ...

Curry Shrimp Risotto

Almost anything can be made into a Risotto…. This one features delicious curried shrimp. Risotto is a classic dish that many people seem to avoid tackling because they think it's too difficult to cook, but it's really easy if you follow a few basic principles. Added bonus... this dish is gluten free. OUR RISOTTO RULES! The Pot....should have a heavy bottom, wider than tall. The Rice…choose the best quality Arborio rice you can find The Stock... Use the richest most ...

Swine Brittle

Sweet, Salty and Smoky Swine Brittle. There are countless variations on this easy, sweet, smoky and salty snack. We call ours Swine Brittle :-) We're going to show you how we do it at the studio but you can have fun playing with this at home and working up different variations. Of course we use our beloved butcher friends at Esposito's Meat Market for our bacon. Thanks Rob! One important note: At the end of making this recipe you'll have a really unique and amazingly delicious ...

Chicken Loves Cabbage & Sweet Onions

Here is a healthy, and tasty meal made from Chicken,Cabbage and Sweet Onions that is sure to surprise guests with the simplicity of ingredients and the complexity of flavors. Best if done on a grill but works beautifully on the stove top.

Autism Speaks Celebrity Chef Gala Dinner

Celebrity Chefs! Since 2007, Peter has been volunteering as the portrait photographer for the annual Autism Speaks Celebrity Chefs Gala Dinner. The event brings together the culinary talents of world-renowned chefs to help raise awareness of Autism. Below is a selection of some of our favorite chefs that have donated their time over the years. We hope to see you there on October 13th!

Mireille’s Lemon Chicken

We love this dish because it so easy to prepare and packs big flavor.  We were recently doing a shoot and had a lot of leftover chicken cutlets, the day ran late so Pete whipped up this up for the crew. It was our first introduction to his mom's classic dish. We made lemon rice as a side which complimented the dish perfectly… Manny made a big salad, a perfect quick, easy and delicious meal. This is a real easy one... you can make it with whole chicken breasts (bone in) or cutlets, it's ...

Chicken Meets Pasta and Broccoli

Pete came up with this recipe for a fast, easy, healthy meal that created leftovers for his daughters lunchbox! We make this all the time for studio lunches. Great for a hungry crew or when it's just our gang.

Lemon Rice

Who doesn't love rice? Pete's grandfather ( Peter as well but we called him Nono) made this simple rice dish all the time. Rice alone is always a great side dish, its easily prepared but we find its often nice to add a little extra flavor. Here is one or our simple tips for making rice a little more “special”

Sole with Lemon and Capers

We made this simple, delicious Filet of Sole with Lemon and Capers recipe as one of the staples of the studio. It’s particularly popular when Pete and Manny would come back from one of their fishing trips off of Montauk! We like our Lemon Rice Recipe as a side, with a big salad and crisp white wine!

Crispy Tomato and Eggs

One of our favorite breakfasts! Easy and delicious, good for any time of the year. The key here is not to rush the process, use the freshest eggs possible and have enough coffee in the pot for a second cup while you wait for the dish to evolve.
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