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Butternut Squash Tart

  This Butternut Squash Tart is great when you’re cooking for a crowd (or if you love leftovers). Count on it to consistently knock peoples socks off. In fact, your guests probably won’t believe you made it, but you did! It takes a little preparation but the only slightly challenging part is rolling out the dough if you’ve not done it before,  All in all, its a relatively easy recipe to make and its a particularly great dish for dinner parties or to bring to a pot luck. The ...

Peter Klein’s Gnocchi & Quick Marinara

Here’s another recipe from our dear friend and chef, Peter Klein. We’ve shared more wonderful meals with Peter K. over the years than we can count. You may find that this recipe appears a bit more complex than others we’ve shared, but it’s actually fairly simple and well worth a little extra effort. Your family and friends will be blown away when you serve this home-made dish up.

Franklin Becker’s Beet Chips

Franklin Becker understands that beet chips have a lot more natural sugar than potato chips, but far fewer carbs. The food industry has made a pile by satisfying our lust for potato-chip crispness with "healthier" vegetables instead of potatoes. But there's no need to shell out the big bucks for a few ounces of beet chips when you can make your own so easily and economically. Like the old commercial said, "Bet you can't eat just one!" Franklin is the executive chef of The Little Beet and ...

Glazed Carrots

Talk about easy & delicious! This wonderful side dish recipe came from Pete's mom. As a kid, he had “issues” with some vegetables so his mom added a little something extra to the carrots she would often make for family dinner. The result...Pete loved his carrots and we're pretty sure your kids and family will too!                    

Easy Garlic Prep

Garlic can be time consuming to prep, here’s a simple method that will have you cooking in no time! 1. Break away garlic clove(s) from head of garlic 2. Slice hard stem off of clove 3. Place clove on flat surface 4. Place flat of your chef’s knife on top of clove 5. Whack the knife with closed fist 6. Easily peel away garlic skin 7. Slice clove (keep your fingertips away from knife!) 8. Get cooking!

Crispy Vegetable Frittata

We’ve been friends with chef Peter Klein for more years than we care to count and consider ourselves lucky to have enjoyed many wonderful meals with him. When we asked if he would share a few recipes with us, we were delighted that he chose two that were inspirational for him during his earliest days of discovering his love of cooking. This yummy Crispy Vegetable Fritatta is easy to prepare and a perfect choice for brunch with friends and family. This is a great recipe for cooks of ...
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