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Peter Klein’s Gnocchi & Quick Marinara

Here’s another recipe from our dear friend and chef, Peter Klein. We’ve shared more wonderful meals with Peter K. over the years than we can count. You may find that this recipe appears a bit more complex than others we’ve shared, but it’s actually fairly simple and well worth a little extra effort. Your family and friends will be blown away when you serve this home-made dish up.

Lemon Rice

Who doesn't love rice? Pete's grandfather ( Peter as well but we called him Nono) made this simple rice dish all the time. Rice alone is always a great side dish, its easily prepared but we find its often nice to add a little extra flavor. Here is one or our simple tips for making rice a little more “special”

Sole with Lemon and Capers

We made this simple, delicious Filet of Sole with Lemon and Capers recipe as one of the staples of the studio. It’s particularly popular when Pete and Manny would come back from one of their fishing trips off of Montauk! We like our Lemon Rice Recipe as a side, with a big salad and crisp white wine!

Manny’s Margarita

Who loves a fresh Margarita? Everyone at the Studio! This is our go to recipe cocktail after a long hot day on the set. He learned a variant of this recipe from his good friend Mr. Springman. The key to this recipe is using silver (clear) tequila, your favorite high end orange liqueur and freshly squeezed limes and oranges, which both brightens and naturally sweetens the cocktail. Blood oranges are a great choice if they’re in season as they tend to have a nice tartness and add a ...

Crispy Tomato and Eggs

One of our favorite breakfasts! Easy and delicious, good for any time of the year. The key here is not to rush the process, use the freshest eggs possible and have enough coffee in the pot for a second cup while you wait for the dish to evolve.

Pete’s Famous Chicken Wings

Who doesn't love crispy chicken wings???  Pete played around for years with different techniques to create a great wing recipe and in the end (and as so often is the case) simplicity rules! ABSOLUTELY, THE BEST CHICKEN WINGS....EVER!

Franklin Becker’s Beet Chips

Franklin Becker understands that beet chips have a lot more natural sugar than potato chips, but far fewer carbs. The food industry has made a pile by satisfying our lust for potato-chip crispness with "healthier" vegetables instead of potatoes. But there's no need to shell out the big bucks for a few ounces of beet chips when you can make your own so easily and economically. Like the old commercial said, "Bet you can't eat just one!" Franklin is the executive chef of The Little Beet and ...

Sarah’s Fruit Crostata

At the end of a shoot day, we had a lot of left over fresh fruit and everyone was jonesing for a sweet and yummy treat. Soooooo, the ever talented Sarah Huck whipped up this delicious Fruit Crostata in no time at all, and now you can too.  Its much easier than a classic pie as the more rustic crust, the more impressed your guests will be. Let us know what you think! We'll be definitely featuring more great recipes from Sarah here.... but if you're into cookbooks the way we are, ...

Glazed Carrots

Talk about easy & delicious! This wonderful side dish recipe came from Pete's mom. As a kid, he had “issues” with some vegetables so his mom added a little something extra to the carrots she would often make for family dinner. The result...Pete loved his carrots and we're pretty sure your kids and family will too!                    

Manny’s Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes

Over the years, Manny has consistently won our studio pancake breakfast challenge. Here’s one of the recipes that has won our hearts and bellies.  Its wholesome, features whole grains and fresh fruit and even yogurt! We guarantee you won't be disappointed. Bonus: if you have kids – these pancakes reheat beautifully from frozen with the use of a toaster, making them easy to serve any day of the week, especially if you have kids.
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